About The Tiny Kitchen

This blog is written with the hope that it will inspire and acquaint you with different cooking techniques so that you can learn to experiment with new and old recipes. At the present time, I am living in a fifth-wheel travel trailer. At times it is a struggle to cook and bake in a situation like this and it can become discouraging; however, since we, as human beings, all have to eat, it is best to find ways to accomplish this task and have some joy and fun in doing it.

The recipes that are in this blog are, as I have mentioned before, here to try to inspire you. Whether you live in a home or are mobile, like me, you can cook, bake and make very appetizing foods. Some of the recipes call for a grill outdoors and this is a nice alternative to continually cooking and baking indoors; not to mention that clean-up is usually easier. If you are living with someone else, it is nice to have the help and to share with the cooking and cleaning responsibilities.

So cook, bake and eat but also share with others your recipes, cooking techniques and acquaint them with the wonderful world of food no matter where you live.

Thank you for browsing our blog and please enjoy!!


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