As per Wikipedia – BARBECUING: First known use of the word in the English language was around the middle 1600’s. It is a method and an apparatus used for char grilling food in the hot smoke of a wood or charcoal fueled fire nice and slow. Barbecuing in the U.S. is typically performed outdoors but can also be done in a brick or metal oven; especially if you go to some of the grilling restaurants.

We here in the U.S. have taken barbecuing to a much quicker and easier method over a gas grill. It cuts our prep time down and makes it to where we can come in from working a long day and still enjoy a nice barbecued stake, hamburger, pork, fish or what-have-you relatively fast.

Depending on the type of spices used and the grilling fuel, barbecuing makes the toughest, less flavorful meats and also less expensive cuts of meat sometimes very wonderful on the palette. We can feed a large group of people and enjoy our bank account not becoming non-existent over one back yard get-together and still get the raves over a wonderful meal.

BBQ Recipes


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