Tiny Kitchen BBQ Sauce

Tiny Kitchen BBQ Sauce


3 Bottles of cheap BBQ Sauce from your local grocery store

3 Tablespoons of your BBQ Rub 1

1 Tablespoon Cayenne Pepper

1 Tablespoon Chili Pepper

1 Tablespoon Red Pepper Flakes

1 Habanero Pepper (Yellow is my perferred)

1 Piece of Cheese Cloth cut 9 x 9 inch

1 – 9 inch piece of string


Using gloves, cut Harbanero Pepper in half and take out seeds and membrane.  Place pepper in 9 x 9 inch cheese cloth and tie with 9″ piece of string.  (make sure it does not come undone).  Set aside.

Pour 3 bottles of BBQ sauce into a large sauce pan and place over medium low heat.  Measure in your BBQ Rub 1, Cayenne Pepper and Red Pepper Flakes.  Stir together until well blended then place cheese bag with Harbanero Pepper into the sauce, keeping the string out so that you are prepared to lift it out and being careful not to let the sauce come to a boil.  Leave the Harbanero Pepper in, stiring often and tasting real often and just as the sauce has CLOSE to the right amount of heat, take out the cheese cloth with the Harbanero Pepper in it.  (If you sauce comes to a boil, the Harbanero Pepper will make the sauce too hot quickly)

If the sauce has too much heat and you need to tame it down, you can use honey or I perfer Agave.  Add 1/4 cup.   There are times that you just need a very mild sauce and it is okay to add kechup to tone it down and still keep the flavor.  Enjoy!!